Internship Choreographic assistance Project „FUN!“ by Lea Moro
20.02 - 18.03.2017 and 03.04 - 21.05.2017

For her new choreographic work "FUN!" Lea Moro is looking for a choreographic assistance, someone who wants to do a co-op program in the timeframes 20.02 - 18.03.2017 and 03.04 - 21.05.2017 in Berlin. If you’re only available during one of the two periods, please don’t hesitate to send your application anyways.
Theme parks are loud, dazzling and overloaded. Despite technological advances, they remain very traditional and in their role as generators of fun, they are timeless. As a choreographer I would like to examine the current social relevance of theme parks and contemporary forms of entertainment through the project FUN!. The questions at the heart of my research are: When, where and how do we have fun? What is the purpose of our having fun?
FUN! uses the basic technical equation and the philosophical guiding principle of theme parks and translates them into choreographic principles. FUN! aims to locate the key element of fun in the human body, in those of the performers as well as the audience’s. Instead of having a clear-cut setting with the audience sitting in the stalls, the audience is part of the choreography. Instead of vehicles, five performers will execute different forms of manoeuvring on their own or together with the audience. Sometimes the audience is sitting and surrounds the scenic going-ons, sometimes it follows a performer as a group. This creates enjoyment, a real thrill, euphoria but also moments of fear. Constellations of people come into existence, they move or stand still. The scenic space turns into a continuously changing landscape of fun. A dynamic non- space appears. FUN!’s choreography enables the visitors to grasp the mechanisms and concepts at work beneath the spectacle-like surface of fun.

We require
- interest in the creation of a choreographic project
- motivation to work in an international team
- reliable and responsible working attitude
- good english skills and preferable also german
- living in Berlin or the possibility to have an accomodation in Berlin

Your tasks
- accompanying and documenting the entire creation process
- support of choreographer
- managing upcoming taks in the creation process

The internship is paid with 600 Euros gross (co-op program), and gives you the chance to have an insight into a creative working process and especially the work of Lea Moro and her team.
Further information:
Please send a short bio / CV and a short motivation letter until 27/01/2017 to:
We are looking forward to hearing from you!