Dancing in August

31.7-04.8.2017   "Summer classes" with Sabrina Marwa
Five classes where the attention lies on technique, knowing where a movement initiates from, how to let your body dance for you and using it more efficient. These things will come together in a combination which will be made longer every day.
Kreuzberg 4 | Mo-Fr 19:00-20:30 | Level: beginners+/intermediate
5 classes 45 € / 3 classes 30 € / Drop-in class 11 € (The drop-in class can be paid on the day itself)
To register or for more information write to marwa.sabrina@gmail.com

31.7.-11.08.2017   Performance Project: "Research guided by sensations" with Iyar El-Ezra (fully booked)
In the project we will explore different ways to move and express ourselves through our body, working with images and different sensations. We will learn how to improvise with various qualities at the same time, leaving aside any judgmental stance.
Kreuzberg 3 | Mo-Fr 11:30-14:30 | Showing: 12.8.2017 / 18:00
Fee: 180 € / red: 160 € / professional dancers: 140 € | Application for the project: heinrich@tanzfabrik-berlin.de

31.7.-11.08.2017  Additional professional training  
Kreuzberg 3 | Mo-Fr 10:00-11:15 | Fee: Single class: 6,5 € / 10x card: 55 €

"Tanzen im Hof" – A Social Dance: open to all, free of charge and outside
Every first day of the month, 2 choreographers meet with dance lovers, with and without dance experience to enter a physical dialogue and a sharing of movements with them. All are very welcome.
Dates 2017
1. August 17:30 with Susanne Martin & Paula Kramer
1. September 17:30 with Jared Gradinger
Wedding/Uferstudios | Meeting point: In front of Studio 13 (In case of rain inside Studio 13).
Idea: Gisela Müller | In cooperation with Uferstudios | In the frame of the project AUSUFERN, with the support of Cultural Affairs of the Senate of Berlin.

15.8. - 2.9.2017   "Axis Syllabus – 20th Anniversary: Gathering - Celebration - Summit"
Workshops  Classes  Performances  Conferences  Laboratories

This August, Axis Syllabus will be celebrating 20 years of passionate investigation and ground-breaking discoveries, controversial friction, heated and fervent discussion, inspired and creative teaching, many healed and re-vitalized bodies the world over, and the constant, exponential growth of our community.  The Axis Syllabus 20 year celebration unfolds in the form of two solid workshop phases taught by most of our most active certified members, and a centerpiece summit phase where the Axis Syllabus community will collaborate on format and event nature. You can expect master classes representing the wide spectrum of AS expertise, as well as conferences, exhibits, performances, jams, discussion panels, field trips, and parties.
In cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin
Location: Tanzfabrik Berlin - Kreuzberg
The complete program here