Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin



Clash without Crash - Technical contemporary dance class

The class is very strongly based on release technique and a relevant attention will be given to the floor work.
Aims of the class:
- to prepare the body to feel confident with the floor doing actions like rolling, swinging, pushing the ground;
- to be able to absorb the weight of the body dancing sequences going up and down from the floor;
- to develop the ability to use the floor as a possible “partner”;
- to acquire a variety of skills to be able to transform the floor in to a platform from wich is possible to make movement strongly based on the relationschip between weight and gravity force;
- to investigate the softness of the body to be able to move freely without tensing the muscles;
- to train the strength of the body to be able to dance with power some very dynamic sequences through the space;
- to learn extended and complex phrases dealing with speed and compactness;
to assume a technical vocabulary with which to be able to make impressive and athletic movement without to put in danger the personal safety.