18:10 - 19:40
Uferstudios 3
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin


Kurs with Juan Corres Benito

An introduction to Contemporary dance movement techniques, this class develops a sense of ease and efficiency in movement as we refine the body’s relation to space; playing with the body as a channel for external forces while developing sensitivity to the wealth of information pulsing through the collective field.  Beginning with breathwork and movement sequences designed to activate the energetic centers of the body, we explore dynamic alignment and efficiency of movement by warming the body with attention to our physical structure and fluidity in the joints.  Continuing with a guided improvisation, we connect to the structural integrity and power of our bodies by playing with the potentials of the space we inhabit. This class uses tasks and movement phrases to help students explore the body’s relationship to gravity, space, and weight while moving in and out of the floor.
Emphasis is placed on building a cerebral toolkit for approaching dance phrasework and improvisation, while increasing awareness of the body for both in-studio and daily life. These classes aim to develop aesthetic discernment, embodied awareness, and reignite the capacity for play. This class is appropriate for beginner and intermediate dancers, and open to all levels.

Juan Corres Benito

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