Gaining Momentum into Space

The class is a combination of dynamic release techniques, qui - kung, spirals and grounded animal-like floor work. The basic physicality of walking and running are studied and used to inform the dancer’s movement quality, efficiency and use of momentum in all spatial orientations. Continuous movement flow and improvisational tasks with strong attention to the feedback of the senses are used to bring the dancer into a instinctive state of availability while thoroughly warming up the physical body. Marcela gives strong attention to the use of the floor as a tool to form and inform the body in movement.  This requires a constant negotiation of the body’s present momentum with a clear redirecting of intention into space.  Through the specific buildup of the training, each dancer is able to find their own anatomical alignment, timing and weight in the material.  At the end of the class, these elements are brought together in a sweeping movement phrase where each dancer is asked to challenge the delicate balance between fall and control.