The Instrument

Maya M. Carroll

The Instrument is a method offering perception and exploration of the body. Sensations, form and rhythm are integrated, while allowing a state of not-knowing to become a pathway to re-discovering. The workshop opens up a collective as well as independent laboratory. Driven by curiosity, pleasure and flexible transitions between states of mind and physicality, we develop awareness, clarity and playfulness in our movement, oriented into space and time with instant composition. The Instrument includes sharing of practices and visions with all participants. Our springboard will be communication, as a refinement of gestural/social awareness through movement and dance.

Maya M. Carroll is an independent choreographer, performer, mentor and teacher. Works as an artistic director of The Instrument since 2011. Since 2004 Maya created over 30 works from solo to extended group pieces, collaborating with artists and performers from Europe and abroad. She travels with her teaching worldwide, conducting workshops and performance projects. Her work is anchored in the meeting point between the tangible and imagined; reality and myth, drawn from and towards choreography, improvisation and performance.