Jubilee Edition - Dance Classes

»Remembering the Future« - we want to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Tanzfabrik with you!

This Jubilee Edition offers a diverse program of labs, workshops, lectures, improv sessions, jams, and classes in co-teaching formats. These different teaching formats will be held by the teachers of the dance classes, collaborating artists and the alumni of the Dance Intensive program.
Showings and performances will take place on the 7th and 8th of September. On the closing of the week, we invite all of you to a special long table at Möckernstrasse to eat, drink and dance with us on the street. Finally on Sunday the week rounds up with a performative walk at Victoriapark - everyone is welcome to join!
We invite you all to celebrate this grown place with us, where movement and dance has been, and still is a driving force of transformation for many people- then, today and in a possible future.

Details on all classes and workshops here | Registration: schule@tanzfabrik-berlin.de

00 | Stella Zannou - Back to the Future

A journey backwards in time, visiting stations in my dance education/ performative and teaching experience that remain in my memory as responsible for forming my current being as a dance teacher, choreographer and performer. Phrases, music, teachers, methods and ideas from the past that are part of what I am today.
Mon- Fr, 10:00-12:00 | studio 1 | Level: Profi Price: sinlge class 8,50,- Profi 10-Karte nutzbar (65,-)


01 | Chaim Gebber - Where is NOW?
How deceiving is the measuring of distance, space and time? The approach of far/closeness - big/small - past/future is relative. Time eating future to create history. If before was past and what is coming is future, where is NOW? In the workshop we work with improvisation tools to play with time and timing. Constructing past and deconstructing future. Squeezing and stretching the NOW.
Workshop Mon-Fr, 13:00-16:00 | Studio 1 | Level: open Price: 120,- (100,-)*Nur buchbar als ganzer WS, keine Einzeltage

02 | Yaara Dolev - Performative Space Lab
Tuning sensitivity to the core of our bodies and our physical abilities, meeting the sensors. Opening our awareness to the surrounding without reducing the physical sensations. Using choreographic tools to find playfulness in performative qualities and creativity.
Mon- Fr, 3.-7.9. I 10:30-12:30 I Studio 4 | Level: Open Price: 100,- (80,-)* Ermäßigung für Studenten, Schüler oder Berlinpass. Nur buchbar als ganzer WS.

03 | Judith Sanchez Ruiz - NO EGO    Workshop
Discovering the connection between ourselves, our present and our future, and states of transformative possibilities. By letting go of any formalities that inhabit our system, we explore the coming, the staying, the observing, and the feeling with full attention, We will dance the dance inside and outside of us with full commitment. In this workshop the dancer learns how to be an interpreter of movement; to possess the tools to develop an individual approach to performing. Curiosity is the key to explore this.
Mon & Tue, 3.& 4.9. I 10:30-13:30 I Studio 4 I all levels TBC Price: 60,- (50,-)* Ermäßigung für Studenten, Schüler oder Berlinpass. Nur buchbar als ganzer WS.

04 | Eva Georgitsopoulou - Continuously into Movement
In this workshop, we start moving in space, and mobilize every body part, leading the body into action. We activate movements from the center, improvise and share our energy in space, from and back to our totality. The body finds new places to arrive and learns to understand its own aliveness with different dynamics, continuous tasks, pauses and composition changes.We train the body to talk and represent what it is and how it feels to express its own dramaturgy, to be alive within the stories that can be told through dancing.
Mon 3.9. to Thu 6.9. | 14:00-16:00 | Studio 4 | Level: open | Price: 60,- (50,-)* Ermäßigung für Studenten, Schüler oder Berlinpass. Nur buchbar als ganzer WS.


Co Teaching Classes
Prices for all Co teaching classes: Single class: 15€ (two classes 25€) | 10, 30, 50 card usable with additional payment.

05 | David Bloom & Matthew Thomas - Muscles & Bones
Matthew's ballet class concentrates on breathing to give maximum energy to the muscles, while David works with notions of Pleasure & Desire as motors for movement. David has also been playing piano for Matthew's Tanzfabrik evening class for the past 12 years! In this class, Matthew will begin with a ballet barre, then David will offer an exploration of space initiated by the skeletal system.
Mon, 3.9. 16:30-18:30 & Tue,4.9. 19:00-21:00 | Studio 1 | Level: Intermediate/Advanced

06 | Enrico Paglialunga & Ageliki Gouvi - GRIT
This co-teaching class aims to lead the group into a journey of self expression alternated to choreographic material coming from the fusion of Enrico and Ageliki's movement vocabulary. Through improvisation tasks and short combinations we will explore body coordination, physicality, dynamics, technical skills and playfulness. Intermediate/advanced students are welcome to join us as well as professional dancers.
Mon 3.9. 19:00-21:00 & Wed 5.9.16:30-18:30 Studio 4 | Level: Intermediate/ Profi

07 | Sabrina Marwa & Jiska Morgenthal - Playful Composition
After physically warming up our body, and tuning into our “instrument” by waking up the senses, we will play with little movement phrases as a base to compose in space collectively. By focusing on sensing timing we will find variations of the compositions, and see how spatial landscapes develop, emerge and disappear.
Mon 3.9. 19:00-21:00 & Wed 5.9. 16:30-18:30 | Studio 1 | Level: Intermediate

08 | Detlev Alexander & Naomi Mark - Moving Into Stillness
Yin Yoga and Meditation are doorways of moving into stillness and into experiencing the truth of who we really are. Opening with yin yoga we will work passively and softly, targeting deep layers of our connective tissues and by emphasizing stillness we will prepares the body & mind for meditation. We will continue with practising mindfulness meditation to re-connect to our inherent stillness and basic goodness.
Tue 3.9. 16:30-18:30 & Thu 6.9. 16:30-18:30 | Studio 4 | Level : open

09 | Adalisa Menghini & Andrew Wass - Moments and Pieces
Using the Feldenkrais method, we will explore exercises aimed to develop body organization and presence. We will engage in movement exploration focusing on improving the quality of our movement by reducing effort. We will then focus on triads of concrete variables to heighten our awareness of our decision-making in the moment. These variables will function as points of departure, transitioning us into the improvising of contact as a solo, duet, and ensemble form.
Mon 3.9. 16:30-18:30 & Wed 5.9. 19:00-21:00 | Studio 4 | Level: Open

10 | Chandana M Hoermann & Odile Seitz - Somatic Ballet
By means of BMC to enable a different perception of the anatomy - by integration of the experiences in ballet to allow a different permeability.
Thu 6.9. 16:30-18:30 & Thu 6.9. 19:00-21:00 Studio 1 | Level Ballett: intermediate, BMC: open

11 | Gisela Müller & Gabriele Reuter - Moving Target
This is a beginning. Two teachers meeting out of curiosity for each others teaching. Aiming to co-create this session as an open-ended dialogue between themselves and the group.
Tue, 04.09. 19:00-21:00 | Studio 4 | Level: open

12 | Einav Kata & Steph Amurao (Mo.Ré Collective)
Embodied Research Through imagination and play, we research bodily textures, rhythm, effort, somatic attention, clarity of intention, and our internal feelings and their relationship with movement. We will use a variety of somatic tools to guide us through this exploration and combine them with other movement techniques. The practice offered leads to a heightened engagement and awareness of your full body, mind, spirit and encourages freedom and curiosity to explore movement!
Tue 4.9. 16:30-18:30 & Wed 5.9. 19:00-21:00 | Studio 1 | Level: open

Adalisa Menghini - Touching with Intention (Angeleitete Contact Jam)
As a preparation for jamming together, we will play with specific instructions for maintaining clear boundaries while dancing in physical contact. How does touch effect my dance? How does touch support my interaction with another person? While exploring the dance,how do we inform each other and listen to each other through touch?
Thu, 06.09. 19:00-22:00 | Studio 4 | Level: open | Preis: Donation: 3 - 5€