Virtual Oster Tanz


It is a very unusual and uncertain time we are in right now. Many of us already feel the lack of interpersonal contacts and the freedom to move around, as one wish. Together we want to counteract this and are very happy to invite you to the program of Virtual Oster Tanz!

During the last weeks we have done everything possible to bring the teachers of Oster Tanz to your home. In interviews and talks, via meditation audio tracks, song sharing, videos, zoom workshop classes in Klein Technique™, Bartenieff Fundamentals, virtual ‚contact‘ improvisation and Gaga/People, we will share exciting content with you daily starting on the 14.04. on the Tanzfabrik Blog.

You can already register for the online workshop classes here!
Everything else will be published daily from 14.-17.04.

We are looking forward to get in contact with many of you in this way.
Stay healthy and take care of yourself.
Your Tanzfabrik Team