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This registration is binding. It must be done in writing and payment of the full workshop fee is hereby obligatory. Your place is reserved as soon as the workshop fee arrives on our account. In case the workshop is full or cancelled we will refund the full fee. In case of withdrawal or cancellation from your side after the early booking date we are unable to make any refund, unless you find another person to take your place. In any case of cancellation we will hold back an administration fee of 25 €. Please note that Tanzfabrik holds no responsibility for injury.


Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V. is a registered association. Participation on all courses and workshops requires your membership. The annual fee is 5,- € and is valid for 12 months from the date of payment.


Early booking rate (marked with *):

W-01 / Gaga/Dancers & Ohad Naharin's Repertoire (fully booked) W-02 / Dances of Aliveness and Presence – Skinner Releasing Technique™ (Waiting list) W-03 / As Above So Below – Axis Syllabus in Application W-04 / Contact Improvisation – Engaging the Basic Skills (fully booked) W-05 / Extended Mind Practices – Towards Radical Calmness W-06A / Dynamic, Rhythm & Texture W-06B / Dynamic, Rhythm & Texture (only a few places left) W-07 / Body-Mind Centering™ – Das Herz und das Gehirn (Waiting list) W-07 / Material For The Spine W-09 / Anatomy of Touch W-10 / Ensemble Improvisation W-11 / From Burst to Build W-12 / Alexander Technique in Movement W-EXTRA / Choreographic Improvisation on transfer of the full workshop fee onto our account until 12.12.2019

W-13 / Dancing Inside and Outside of Us W-14 / Afrikanischer Tanz (only a few places left) W-15 / Closer on transfer of the full workshop fee onto our account until 19.12.2019

O-01 / Instinct as a Source of Movement O-02 / Klein Technique™ O-03 / Gaga/People & Somatic Sequencing O-04 / Afrikanischer Ausdruckstanz O-05 / The Instrument: Transfiguring Space O-06 / Bartenieff Fundamentals O-07 / ReWilding Attention: A Contact Skills Class on transfer of the full workshop fee onto our account until 26.03.2020

Laban Bewegungsstudien on transfer of the full workshop fee onto our account until 30.04.2020

Perilously Efficient Movement on transfer of the full workshop fee onto our account until 04.06.2020

10% discount for all further workshops within the same workshop programme (Sommer Tanz, Oster Tanz, Herbst Tanz, Winter Tanz).

Concessions for professional dancers
20% reduction of the regular price for professional dancers, 10% discount on all further workshops. This discount is valid only within one workshop programme. Does not apply to early booking rates. Please send proof of status before the Workshop starts to:

We can apply for each of the workshops to be recognized as an educational leave (Bildungsurlaub) at the Senatsverwaltung. However, please note that due to the long processing times of the Senate, we must receive your request for this at least 12 weeks before the start of the workshop. After this, no application is possible.

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