8 / Body-Mind Centering - Elevated Dancing

Lambrini Konstantinou

In the frame of Winter Tanz 2014/15

We will take inspiration from structure and function of the different tissues of our body; the bones, organs, nerves, fascia and liquids. We perceive the body as a functioning unit and explore the dynamic relationships between inside (body) and outside (space). Consciously experiencing the continuum of energy between micro-cellular level and macro- movement of the entire body will activate our creative power and elevate our dance.

Lambrini Konstantinou, dancer, choreographer, dance pedagogue, Body-Mind Centering Practitioner and Teacher; Certified Movement Analyst; Osteopath focussing on Craniosacral and Pediatric Osteopathy; Somatic Experiencing-Trauma Healing. In her work she combines anatomical knowledge with movement meditation, bodywork, dance and creative expression. 

Möckernstr. 68, 10965 Berlin Level: open Prices 140 € ( 115 € * )
* Early Bird Price: Applies on arrival of the full workshop fee on our account by 11.12.2014