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Ramona Nagabczynska, Karol Tyminski

In the frame of Open Spaces#1-2017

Tanzfabrik Berlin has continuously made it possible for emerging international artists from the apap network to work in Berlin within the framework of a residency. Currently, there are two Polish artists, Ramona Nagabczynska and Karol Tyminski, in Berlin, who, after having recently completed their studies in a strictly classic form, now seek a confrontation with contempo-rary techniques. While Ramona’s work addresses the magical side of dance from a melancholic standpoint, the radical choreographer Karol seeks a possible self beyond the boundaries mandated by culture.

By Ramona Nagabczynska and Karol Tyminski. In cooperation with Tanzfabrik Berlin, supported by Regierender Bürgermeister von Berlin – Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten and apap-Performing Europe 2020, co-funded by Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

  • Wedding 5
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Free Admission
in English

Photos: Maciej Rukasz, Marta Ankiersztejn