Time to Meet: Gyeong-Min Kang “Could be something, could be nothing“

Open Studio

Gyeong-Min Kang

"Time to Meet" is a series of open rehearsals and discussions, a meeting place for exchange and feedback on artistic processes, this time with the artist Gyeong-Min Kang.

"This story is about possibility. The possibility has a meaning of the future. Because we feel like living in the present, but the future is not far from now. It is going to happen in just 1 second. It contains infinite chance and we might feel waves of derived emotions from it. The future is unstable. The Possibility based on the future is also unexpected and unsettled. People have all possibility of this performance"

Choreography/Dance: Gyeong-Min Kang/SITS Dance Project | Dance: Yariel, Dan Su, Meggie Blankschyn

  • Wedding 4
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Free Admission

Photo: studio