Fake – the real deal


Sergiu Matis

In the frame of 8th Tanznacht Berlin 2014

Fake – the real deal is a performative installation that explores speculative near future scenarios in a darkened room. The senses are receptive and manipulated, as temptations open possibilities. The performers are mostly present as disembodied voices, discussing the burning issues of the future of dance from their own perspectives but projected into the near future. Different hybrids are played out: sometimes computer-generated voices are heard, sometimes natural, or part natural, part artificial, or fully natural and fully artificial. The voice of an elevator and Siri try to predict the future of dance, while other voices stay tied to the once-dancing body, remembering their past experiences. The arrangement of words and sounds composes a score of pleasure, orgasmic voices and sounds form the dance’s texture. What is visible is a matter of perspective.

Concept and text: Sergiu MatisPerformance: Celine Cartillier, Milom Ismael, Sergiu Matis, Luis Rodriguez, Maria Walser. Sound: Kyan Bayani

  • Wedding 16
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin Tickets 14 / 9 € Foto: Sergiu Matis