16.10.-08.11.2020, at the Uferstudios

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Upcoming Highlights Calendar

  1. 16.10. - 18.10.2020
    The Broken Promise
    Installative performance by and with Miriam Jakob
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  2. 16.10. - 18.10.2020
    Fluid Resilience
    Performance by and with Shannon Cooney
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  3. 22.10. - 24.10.2020
    Salon with WILHELM GROENER 
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  4. 22.10. - 24.10.2020
    The Fraternity
    Performance by and with Emmilou Rößling
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  5. 24.10. + 25.10.2020
    Silent Trio, Chapter #4: Unfinished Archives
    Guided tour by and with Christina Ciupke, Darko Dragičević 
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  6. 31.10. + 01.11. + 07.11. + 08.11.2020
    Performance by and with Jasna L. Vinovrški
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  7. 31.10. - 03.11.2020
    Performance by and with Julian Weber 
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We express our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and condemn all forms of racism and "white supremacy". 

Declaration of the Many

Art creates spaces for change.

Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V. is a signatory to the Berlin Declaration of the Many.

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