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Tanznacht Berlin: Vertigo (Part One)

Open Air Formats, Exhibition, Performances
After a long cultural break due to the pandemic, Tanznacht Berlin will take place from September 9-13th. Headlined VERTIGO (Part One), for the first time again the festival will present various performative events. Different artistic positions and formats will be brought together to deal with the ambivalent effects of an increasingly permanent crisis. Originally planned as a melting pot of disciplines, artists and spectators, the Coronavirus pandemic made it necessary to equalize the festival in its original density and extend it into two editions over the period of 2020-2021.VERTIGO (Part One + Two) are part of the four-year festival series Age of Displacement, in which Tanznacht Berlin examines the phenomenon of social displacement. 
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Open Spaces - How to get in Touch with…

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Down to Earth - A Festival as Experiment

As a summer festival, Down to Earth is dedicated to one of the most explosive topics of our time, namely the possibilities of a hopeful future, especially in view of climate change, scarcity of resources and nationalism. The festival is committed to the paradigm of sustainability and sharing, both in terms of content and methodology.
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Twists: Dance and Decoloniality

A Critical Research on Dance Institutions by Tanzfabrik Berlin in Cooperation with ada Studio, HZT Berlin, Uferstudios, Freie Universität Berlin, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and Universität Salzburg, advised by Diversity Arts Culture.
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