Since 2005 Tanzfabrik Berlin has been a partner within the European network apap - advancing performing arts project, which was founded 20 years ago by SZENE Salzburg. During the last two decades, apap has become an international trademark for the production and presentation of contemporary performing arts. 

As the main applicant, Tanzfabrik Berlin has received extensive funding for the next apap term. With the project FEMINIST FUTURES, apap will continue to promote international cooperation between art and dance institutions from eleven European Union countries in the next four years. During that period FEMINIST FUTURES will focus on the newly established European festival "Everybody's Sisters Europe". There will be five double editions of the festival, each jointly conceived, financed and presented by two European partner institutions.

During this time, 20 artists will be supported in creating socially relevant projects to eventually present them throughout Europe. In addition, there will be an international cooperation in the form of a satellite project that will extend beyond the borders of Europe: a collaboration with the Brazilian choreographer Lia Rodrigues and her Escola Livre de Dança da Maré based in Rio de Janeiro is planned.

In terms of content, the project focuses on inequalities in the field of Performance Art and aims to counter them with the perspective of Intersectional Feminism. In this way, FEMINIST FUTURES wants to create a positive version of the future, despite the current tendencies of right-wing populism and nationalism.


↪ Partners

Tanzfabrik Berlin e.V.
BIT Teatergarasjen - Stiftelsen Bergen Internasjonale Teater
EPCC Maison de la Culture d'Amines
IL GAVIALE Società Cooperativa / Centrale Fies
Performing Arts Institute Warsaw
Reykjavik Dance Festival
STATION - Service for contemporary dance
SZENE Association for the promotion of culture
Teatro Nacional D.Maria Il E.P.E.
Boulevard 's-Hertogenbosch Theatre Festival
Vzw Kunstencentrum BUDA

Associated partner
Maré Arts Center / Rio de Janeiro

Netzwerk Tanz­Raum­Berlin

Tanzfabrik Berlin is part of the TanzRaumBerlin network, which, since its foundation in 2004, has functioned as an association of Berlin theatres, organisers and institutions whose aim is to strengthen the art of dance. As a unique dance initiative, the network meets monthly and is an important forum for exchange, discussion and cooperation.

Further information at: www.tanzraumberlin.de

Zeit­genös­sischer Tanz Berlin e.V.

Tanzfabrik Berlin is a member of the association Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. This association represents the interests of artists, choreographers, dancers, dance companies and institutions active in the context of dance, choreography and performance in Berlin.

It strives to create a productive framework for joint political commitment while advocating transparent and equal communication between artists, politicians, and the public.
Further information at: www.ztberlin.de/en/


Tanzfabrik Berlin is a partner institution of Tanzcard. With the Tanzcard, visitors of our performances receive a discount of about 20% on the regular ticket price.

In addition, holders of the Tanzkcard receive a 20% discount on the regular ticket price at almost 30 other venues and institutions in Berlin and Potsdam. The Tanzcard partners feature the entire range of international choreographers and companies, local artists, festivals and discourse events.

There are also special promotions and a monthly newsletter with a selection of event tips and the chance to win free tickets. Plus, the card makes the perfect gift for anyone interested in dance.

Further information at: www.tanzraumberlin.de/en/tanzcard/