In remembrance of Yaara Dolev

Yaara, we say goodbye to you, in deep sadness and huge gratitude. We consider ourselves lucky to have met you as an inspiring teacher, beautiful dancer and generous friend. You filled our studios and hearts with your spirit, your warmth, your energy. You moved our bodies and touched our souls - this is what we will carry within us.
Thank you Yaara! 

Love and light, your Tanzfabrik

Special: Instead of heating, come dancing!

25x dancing for 225€
This card is only valid from 09.01. to 06.04.2023 for all our dance classes (except professional training). No refund, exchange or extension possible. 

Dance Classes Today

Wednesday, 29.03.

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  1. 11.04.–14.04.2023
    Bartenieff Fundamentals
    Workshop with Eva Blaschke in the frame of Oster Tanz 2023.
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  2. 11.04.–15.04.2023
    Dancing, Acting, Playing – In the Style of Tanztheater Wuppertal Pina Bausch
    Workshop with Paul White in the frame of OsterTanz 2023.
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  3. 11.04.–15.04.2023
    Metamorphosis – Contact Improvisation Intensive
    Workshop with Nica Portavia in the frame of OsterTanz 2023.
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  4. 11.04.–15.04.2023
    Power Sources & Play Full Body
    Workshop with Laura Arís Álvarez in the frame of OsterTanz 2023.
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  5. 11.04.–14.04.2023
    Rekindling the Body-Consciousness
    Workshop with Felix Dompreh in the frame of OsterTanz 2023.
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  6. 11.04.–14.04.2023
    Systeme in Systemen
    Workshop with Magdalena Meindl in the frame of OsterTanz 2023.
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  7. 11.04.–15.04.2023
    The Transformative Body
    Workshop with Nora Aminin the frame of OsterTanz 2023.
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  8. 18.05.–21.05.2023
    Introduction to Laban Movement Studies
    Workshop with Christel Büche.
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  9. 05.06.–09.06.2023
    Afrikanischer Ausdruckstanz
    Workshop with Elsa Wolliaston.
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  10. 12.06.–16.06.2023
    The Myth of Emptiness
    Workshop with Deborah Hay.
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Contact Improvisation Class & Silent Jam

Contact Improvisation Classes and Silent Jams are taking place on alternate Saturdays.
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Queer Contact Improvisation Class & Jam

starts 12.02.2023
A queer space of empowerment, connection, and transformation through the research and practice of Contact Improvisation.
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Ready to relate – Body-Mind Centering® into Movement

Online series 09.03.–13.04.2023
6x Body-Mind Centering® Online with Nina Wehnert.
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Present Mass

17.04. – 24.05.2023
Performance project with Luca Pellegrini.
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Holistic Dance Teachers Training Nr. 17

October 2023 – June 2024 – Training in 10 Modules
Training led by Sabine Parzer
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Performance Program April 2023

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Declaration of the MANY

Art creates spaces for change


We express our solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and condemn all forms of racism and "white supremacy".