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Dance classes, professional training, performance projects!

A diverse programme from bodywork to improvisation to various contemporary classes.

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Saturday, 23.10.

Herbst Tanz Workshops Workshop Calendar

  1. 16.08. - 20.08.2021
    The Key – Knowledge, Embodiment and deepening into GAGA
    Virtual Workshop Series with Yaara Dolev
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  2. Starts 23.10.2021
    Mauer Meditationen
    Herbst Tanz Spaziergang #1 with Jess Curtis, Gerald Pirner
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  3. 29.10. + 05.11. + 12.11. + 19.11.2021
    Flying Beyond Four Walls
    Virtual Workshop Series with Eva Karczag 
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  4. Starts 30.10.2021
    Herbst Tanz Spaziergang #2  with Christa Flaig-Isaacs, Bona Klara Ngoumou, Janos Crecelius 
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  5. Starts 31.10.2021
    The Body is the Story
    Herbst Tanz Spaziergang #3  with Ka Rustler
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  6. Starts 07.11.2021
    Fische in Wolken
    Herbst Tanz Spaziergang #4 with Teresa Hoffmann & Kadysha N`Diaye
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  7. 26.11. + 03.12. + 10.12. + 17.12.2021
    Klein Technique™
    Virtual Workshop Series with Barbara Mahler 
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Winter Tanz Workshops 2021/22 Workshop Calendar

  1. 27.-30.12.2021
    Opening Into New Territories – Skinner Releasing Technique™
    Workshop with Bettina Neuhaus
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  2. 27.-30.12.2021
    In Movement
    Workshop with Blenard Azizaj
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  3. 27.-30.12.2021
    Workshop with Verena Pircher
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  4. 27.-30.12.2021
    The Axis Syllabus - Universal Movements
    Workshop with Frey Faust
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  5. 27.-30.12.2021
    Body–Mind Centering™ – Der Tanz im Fluss der Lymphe & des Liquors
    Workshop with Lambrini Konstantinou
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  6. 03.-7.01.2022
    Workshop with Christine Mauch
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  7. 03.-7.01.2022
    Towards Vivencia
    Workshop with Jorge Crecis
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  8. 03.-6.01.2022
    Online Screen – Dance Lab
    Workshop with Kirstie Simson & Katrina McPherson
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  9. 07.-09.01.2022
    Things manifest as they do.
    Workshop with Daria Faïn
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  10. 07.-09.01.2022
    Sense Appeal
    Workshop with Melanie Maar
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  11. 07.-09.01.2022
    African Dance_1 + 2
    Workshop with Tchekpo Dan Agbetou
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  12. 14.01.-16.01.2022
    Bewusst Atmen
    Workshop with Claudia Feest
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  13. 15.01.-16.01.2022
    Inventing Embodiment
    Workshop with Jonathan Burrows & Scott deLahunta
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Herbst Tanz Spaziergänge

October - December 2021
The Herbst Tanz Spaziergänge are audio workshops to go, in which we invite you to go out with various movement instructions and dance suggestions.
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September - December

Fall 2021

Performances, Works in Progress, Audio Walks, Site-specific Works
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Declaration of the MANY

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We express our solidarity with the #BlackLivesMatter movement and condemn all forms of racism and "white supremacy". 

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