Awareness Guidelines

We want Tanzfabrik Berlin to be a safe place that is open to everyone! 

Tanzfabrik is no place for discrimination or harassment of any kind. We say NO to racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, fatphobia, ableism and all other kinds of discrimination.

To ensure a productive atmosphere in which everyone feels comfortable, 
we kindly ask you to follow these guidelines:

↪ Please don’t presume anyone’s gender, identity, sexuality, state of health, needs, or background. 

↪ Ask for consent before touching anyone or entering their physical or emotional space. Everyone has different boundaries and brings different experiences to the space. 

↪ Be mindful, listen to others, and accept different perspectives. 

↪ Take responsibility for yourselves and the space we create together.

↪ Be aware of your intentions and show consideration for each other. 

Make each other welcome and have a good time!