Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG (haftungsbeschränkt) for teaching offers
The following general terms and conditions of business underlie all instruction offers by and agreements with Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG (limited liability) and the entire range of services and classes based on them.

§ 1 General: Registration and prices
a) Prior registration and payment via fitogram are required to participate in classes provided by Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG.
b) Prices and conditions apply as stated.
c) Latecomers are not guaranteed admission to classes.

§ 2 Participation and payment
a) Payment modalities
Participants must register for dance classes online via the booking tool fitogram or via the Urban Sports Club app.
b) Workshops
Participants must register for workshops online via fitogram. Registration is binding and obliges the registree to pay the corresponding fee. Discounts apply for a limited period (see the current workshop programme). Should the number of registrees exceed the maximum number of participants, or a waiting-list reservation become invalid, or a workshop be cancelled by Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG, the advance payment will be refunded in full.
c) Performance Projects
Participants must register for performance projects in writing. Registration is binding and obliges the registree to pay the corresponding fee. Should the number of registrees exceed the maximum number of participants or a project be cancelled by Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG, the advance payment will be refunded in full.

§ 3 Teacher vacation and sick leave
Dance classes
We reserve the right to replace the teacher of any course, temporarily or permanently.
b) Workshops
In the event of a workshop being cancelled by Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG, the advance payment will be refunded in full.
c) Performance Projects
Should the number of registrees exceed the maximum number of participants or a performance project be cancelled, the advance payment will be refunded in full.

§ 4 Cancellation
Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG reserves the right to reschedule or cancel events and classes if necessary due to unforeseen circumstances or force majeure (e.g., if the number of registrees falls below the minimum number required, or if it is not possible to find a replacement for an indisposed teacher).
Should an event or class be cancelled, registrees will be refunded the corresponding amount via fitogram or Urban Sports Club GmbH, as applicable.
b) Dance classes
Registrees may cancel bookings by e-mail or phone up to 4 hours before the class begins to reclaim the booking fee. Thereafter the fee for booking the dance class is non-returnable.
c) Workshops
Cancellations can be made by e-mail to workshop@tanzfabrik-berlin.de up to four weeks prior to the start of the workshop, subject to a charge of 25% of the pre-paid fee. Cancellations made between four and two weeks prior to the start of the workshop are subject to a charge of 50% of the booking fee. Thereafter the entire pre-paid fee is non-returnable. Any expenses incurred in connection with the workshop (travel, accommodation costs, etc.) cannot be reimbursed. We recommend travel cancellation insurance.
d) Performance Projects
Cancellations can be made by e-mail to schule@tanzfabrik-berlin.de. Pre-paid fees can only be refunded on presentation of a medical certificate on the first day of the project, subject to a €25 processing fee, to be deducted from the refunded amount.   

§ 5 Liability
Participants are required to assess their own level of proficiency and physical ability. Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG assumes no liability for damages, unless caused by intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the part of Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG or persons commissioned by it. This does not affect liability for injury to life, body, and health.
b) Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG assumes no liability for participants’ personal property. We recommend participants take valuables with them into the studio. Lost property will not be kept.

§ 6 Copyrights
All event documentation and the related teaching materials are protected by copyright. The same applies to documents compiled during the event. Any form of reproduction, dissemination to third parties or other use beyond for the purpose of participant information is prohibited without the prior written consent of Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG.

§ 7 Data protection
The participant agrees to the collection, processing, use and storage of personal data, insofar as this is necessary for fulfilling the contractual relationship. If Tanzfabrik no longer has a legitimate interest in storing the data, the participant may request that the data be deleted at any time.
b) Stored personal data will be deleted upon expiry of the applicable legal retention period.
c) For the duration of the COVID19 pandemic, Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG is obliged to collect the contact data of the participants in each class, to store them for 4 weeks, and to transmit them to the health authorities in the event of suspected infection.

§ 8 Visual and audio recordings
Participants should note that persons authorized by Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG may make visual and/or audio recordings during dance classes, workshops, and events. Participants agree to the possibility of being recorded in sound and images and to having these recordings published, broadcast, and reproduced in analogue or digital form without temporal or spatial limitations and without any right to remuneration. If a participant does not wish to be pictured, he/she must give prior notification to the person making the recording. In this case, recordings of this participant will not be published.

§ 9 Newsletter
Participants who give their explicit consent will receive a regular newsletter or comparable information by e-mail. Submission of an e-mail address is sufficient to register for the newsletter. The personal data supplied will be used solely for the purpose of sending the newsletter.
Recipients can revoke their consent to the storage of their personal data and its use for sending the newsletter at any time via a link in each newsletter. They can also unsubscribe at any time directly on our website.
§ 10 House rules
An outline of the house rules is displayed above the music system in each studio. All participants are obliged to abide by these rules.
Participants should note that to avoid disturbance to other parties and persons living and working in the same building, music must only be used at an acceptable volume. In addition, windows are to be kept closed throughout events with music, vocal work, or other loud noises. Studios may only be ventilated during breaks when no music is playing, or loud noise being emitted. The nightly rest period from 10 pm on must be observed. In the event of non-compliance, Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG reserves the right to refuse participants entry to classes.
b) Participants may be refused entry to classes if there is reason to believe they will disrupt the event or harass other participants. Participants who disrupt classes or disturb others may be expelled from the studio or the Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg premises without being entitled to a refund of pre-paid fees.
c) Visitors to Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg are responsible for their own bicycles parked in the courtyard. These may only be parked and/or locked within the marked areas and in compliance with the signs. The house management reserves the right to remove illegally parked vehicles that are obstructing traffic in the courtyard. Tanzfabrik assumes no liability for removed vehicles.
d) For the duration of the COVID19 pandemic, participants and staff must comply with the currently valid regulations laid down by the SARS-CoV-2 Basic Protection Measures Ordinance of the City of Berlin.

§ 11 Anti-discrimination clause
Tanzfabrik Kreuzberg gUG rejects any form of discrimination and is committed to diversity and awareness in principle and in practice. To this end, we conduct workshops with employees and strive to create discrimination-sensitive spaces. We stand for respectful cooperation among colleagues, teachers, artists, students, and external employees and do not accept any kind of discrimination.
Discrimination occurs when a person is disadvantaged, devalued, or degraded, or desultory attributions are made to them, due to their gender, gender identity or gender expression, physical or mental disability, external (and/or alleged) cultural characteristics, name, ethnic origin, socio-economic origin, religion and belief, age, sexual orientation, or sexual identity. A statement or action is considered racist and/or discriminatory if the person affected feels discriminated against or offended by it and it falls within the definition of discrimination as laid out in this clause. People in Germany, regardless of their nationality, are protected from discrimination by the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and the Berlin State Anti-Discrimination Act (LADG). Everyone is entitled to actively defend themselves and others against discrimination.

§ 12 Severability clause

Should any part or provision of these general terms and conditions become invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining terms and conditions.

Berlin, 21st September 2022
Gisela Müller