Mission statement

With this Mission Statement, we at Tanzfabrik Berlin would like to affirm our shared vision and the compass that guides our work.  
Tanzfabrik Berlin School & Stage Teams & Tanzfabrik e.V. 
November 2023

Tanzfabrik Berlin is a place for dance art, choreography, and performance. We provide a wide and multifaceted range of services and opportunities for anyone influenced by, interested in, or specializing in dance. We open access – on a practical, sensuous, and conceptual level – to an international audience and the city to dance art, choreography and performance. In this way, we make it possible to participate in social change through dance.

Tanzfabrik Berlin brings people together. We are a place for anyone inspired by the utopian, sensual, and critical potential of dance and performance. We support the many different forms that this practice and artform takes: research, presentation, education work, and communication.

Tanzfabrik Berlin creates spaces of opportunity.We offer dancemakers, tutors and students, choreographers, dramaturges, and researchers an institutional and conceptual arena for their work. We support this work and its open-ended nature, regarding it as a crucial contribution to social diversity.

Tanzfabrik Berlin development.We provide a framework for dance and performance to develop further. We aim to relate forms of physical, artistic, and pedagogic knowledge to the fundamental processes shaping society today and so provide impetus for socio-political change.

Tanzfabrik Berlin challenges existing systems. We see ourselves as a learning organization. To achieve our goals, we follow a feminist practice in our work – questioning power structures and striving for a transformative justice to include the breadth of society in all its heterogeneity.

Tanzfabrik Berlin opens doors.We cultivate an open and self-critical attitude. We aim to provide a working environment that is free of ableism, antisemitism, anti-Muslim racism, homohostility, racism, sexism, trans hostility and all other forms of discrimination and power abuse. We are committed to breaking down visible and invisible barriers. 
Tanzfabrik Berlin works as an internationally known centre for Contemporary Dance. It offers space for rehearsals, production, artistic and theoretic research, advanced training, further education, workshops and regular classes. Its main aim is to focus on development, presentation and agency of contemporary dance in all of its diversity of choreographic and performative approaches. This includes the promotion of young artists, the connection of theory and practice and international exchange.
 4 studios and an incorporated studio stage in Kreuzberg have accommodated continous artistic and educational practice. The studio stage offers an intimate character and ideal frame for the visualisation of artistic processes. The studios host choreographers, dancers, performers and amateurs and a diverse range of advanced education projects (regular dance classes, performance projects, professional contemporary training, intensive workshops and the 10 month dance intensive programme).
The Tanzfabrik cooperates with numerous other partners on a Berlin and international level. As a partner, we collaborate with the networks TanzRaumBerlin, Tanzcard and Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V. to improve communication, information, networking, production, qualification and training in contemporary dance. In addition, the Tanzfabrik Berlin is a partner of the Uferstudio GmbH. In addition, Tanzfabrik Berlin has acted as an initiator and concept developer for the Inter-University Centre for Dance with the BA course in Contemporary Dance, Context, Choreography as part of the Tanzplan Deutschland initiative of the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Since 2005 she has been an international partner institution in the European network apap - advancing performing arts projects. In 2020, the Tanzfabrik Berlin has received extensive funding as the main applicant for the next apap term. With the FEMINIST FUTURES project, apap will receive a continuation in the next four years, which will promote international cooperation between art and dance institutions from eleven countries of the European Union.