Identifying a physical script

Sagí Gross

An emotional colourful creative collaboration, inspired by a personal memory. A memory towards a place that reflects a transition within the layers of human experiences, which are getting exposed.  The project explores the subjects of identity forming, desire for belonging, connection to others, in relation to stereotypes in our society.  Aspects we will focus on are the connection between daily life gestures and its physical expressive motives, individualism and personal characteristic expressions. That, next to group dynamics and the human need to be a part of a collectivity.  The development of the work will start with creating set materials by using specific tools of Sagi's choreografic method Physical script. We will develop very physical, detailed movement sequences, which deals with sensations and emotions. Later in the process, the participants will be divided in to smaller groups. The given movement materials will get re-constructed with tasks and creative tools to express the personality of each participant. It will vary between personal solos work, next to moments towards a collective of a large group manipulation.

Fee: 190 € / red: 170 € / professional dancers: 150 € | Application for the project:

Additionally you can join the Contemporary training 6.1.-19.2.2020
Sagí Gross named his choreographic method "Physical Script", as he likes to think about the dancers more as moving actors who use their bodies to produce "physical expressive words", instead of "movements.” He seeks to create meaning to every moment and movement and to articulate its meaning, within the context of the material provided by this physical language. He is attracted to the sense of present of being in the 'here and now'. The class focuses on different qualities and dynamics. Developing exercises that focus on articulating movements, to give space between the bones, joints and against the floor. Finding ways to individualize these physical ideas for each person, considering their needs and unique way of working. Further more, using musicality to develop and challenge. Motivating the dancers to enjoy and appreciate the technique, next to self awareness, as well as keeping a healthy mind and body.

Mon & Wed 18:15-19:45 | Fee: For people joining the performance project: 110 € for the training period during the project / For everybody else: 10x card: 100 € / red.: 90 € / prof.: 80 €

Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Mon + Wed 20:00 - 22:00
Showing: 19.2.2020 / 21:00
Registration for the project:
Phone 030.786 58 61

Photo: Arjan Spannenburg