The Many Lives of Tarek X

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Gérald Kurdian

In the frame of Open Spaces - Laughing & Loving

»The Many Lives of Tarek X« is an anticipation fable, a hybrid experience blending video-art, story-telling and electronic music in which Gérald Kurdian unfolds the objects of a research initiated together with an ensemble of practitioners, performers and activists who use sex and alternative intimacy to heal. Its main materials are photographies and films contextualised as the potential fragments of an anticipation movie: the chronicles of Tarek X, a bewildered anti-hero, on his way to meet a community of radical lovers trying to cure themselves from capitalism.

A manifesto for the sensorial revolutions to come.

This presentation will be accompanied by a choir of the

Afterwards at 22:00: Time to Meet the Artist

Concept, performance: Gérald Kurdian | Sound technique: Justine Herbert | Choreographic advice: Arantxa Martinez | Production: Tiphaine Gagne/Oh la la mgmt/Hot Bodies of the Future | Coproduction: Tanzfabrik Berlin, TanzQuartier, Bandits-Mages | Supported by Institut français, the french Ministry for Culture/DGCA, and apap-Performing Europe 2020, cofunded by the Creative Europe Programme of the Eurpean Union.

  • Wedding Heizhaus
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

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Photo: Emily Schofield