S-04 / Bodyfrequencies

Doris Uhlich, Boris Kopeinig

In the frame of Sommer Tanz 2020 - Update coming 5.6.20!

Choreographer Doris Uhlich and DJ Boris Kopeinig have been working together since 2014. Two different musical biographies and a common interest in the physical effects of sound is what the two will share with the workshop participants. The focus of the workshop is on their current research, as well as on the one of recent years: a philosophy of flesh, the body as the epicenter of action and change, the relationship between duration and movement, exhaustion and charging, the archaeology of energy, the concept of ‘Energetic Icons‘. Energy transmissions among each other and with the space can be experienced. The four days offer insight into different waveforms, of sound waves and body waves, of interpersonal waves and spatial flows, of intensities of physical and acoustic nature. All levels, all abilities, all ages, all genders! Every Body Welcome!

Sat 18.7.20    20:30   
In the frame of the festival “Down To Earth“ the solo "Seismic Dancer" will be performed by Doris Uhlich & Boris Kopeinig, followed by a group performance with optional participation of the workshop participants, which will end in a seismic dance bath for all visitors.

Choreographer and dancer Doris Uhlich studied “Pedagogy for Contemporary Dance“ at the Vienna Conservatory, she was a performer in theatercombinat 2002-2009 and has been developing her own projects since 2006. She has received numerous awards and prizes, including the Outstanding Artist Award (2013) in the Performing Arts category of the Federal Chancellery, the Nestroy Prize (2017) in the Special Prize category for her piece “Ravemachine“ together with Michael Turinsky, and in 2019 the Audience Prize for “Every Body Electric“ at the Our Stage Festival in Dresden. Doris Uhlich tours and teaches internationally, since autumn 2015 she is a lecturer at the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna.

Boris Kopeinig is a media artist and DJ with a preference for technoid rhythms and synthetic frequency patterns. For him, techno is based on presumably ancient rituals that involve setting the body in vibration and changing the consistency of the body and perception.

Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin

Level: All levels, all abilities 
In German

Prices 200 € ( 170 € * )
* Early Bird Price: Applies on arrival of the full workshop fee on our account by 25.06.2020
Photo: Theresa Rauter