Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Danny Willems

S-10 / Composing Deconstruction, Playful Composition

Workshop with Moya Michael
In the frame of Sommer Tanz 2020 - Meeting in the Virtual!

In this workshop Moya Michael will share her enriching work and experience with improvisation and composition. Abstaining from teaching any sort of specific technique the workshop builds from a simple warm up and delves into perpetual motion. Building fluidity, redirecting movement and composing the body in space. With a tool she has developed over the years, we will generate movement material and then deconstruct it together as a group, to then re-construct it again. We will take time, using our extensive body memory, knowing that ‘everything’, each and every single movement that the body makes is equally important within the composition. We will approach this playfully and courageously, negotiating execution and performativity, while unconsciously creating and recreating.

Moya Michael

Since moving to Brussels from South Africa in 1997, Moya Michael has been an active contributor in the performing arts ecosystem in Belgium. She studied at P.A.R.T.S. until 2000, and then moved to London where she became a founding member of the Akram Khan Company. She returned to Belgium in 2005 to work with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Rosas, where she performed in many original creations as well as repertoire, and she presently continues to teach repertoire for Rosas internationally. Moya has also worked with Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui and Damien Jalet (Eastman) for Babel Words. Apart from making her own work, Moya continues to work with other choreographers such as Faustin Linyekula and Mårten Spångberg. Asking questions about context and what one might refer to as ‘internal systems‘ and thinking critically about one's own body in space, inspires Moya’s own work. Her research is deeply informed by collaborative and interdisciplinary methods, as well as the examination of notions of visibility and ‘blackness‘ in and out of Europe.

Level: Movement experience
In English
Not barrier-free