Down to Earth

A Festival As Experiment


Our summer festival “Down to Earth“ will take place in July as a Research Lab of the participating artists and curators. We will use this time of crisis and pause to deepen the ideas behind our original festival concept - sustainability, possibilities of a hopeful future, solidarity - and to adapt them to the current crisis. This also implies a reflection on our own working methods and the impact of the Covid19 pandemic on the Performing Arts. In our Research Lab we want to work sustainably for what will come in the future and with this small lab format we want to counter the current trend of (over)production of virtual content. Our work in the lab will be documented and made available to a wider audience in one form or another. This will form the basis for the next and larger edition of “Down to Earth“.

With: Akseli Aittomäki, Patricia Coates a.k.a Lucy Palustris, Hayden Fowler, Miriam Jakob, Matthias Krause, Felix M. Ott, Emmilou Rößling, Caique Tizzi, Pink Valley, Thea Reifler. Curators: Juan Gabriel Harcha, Elisabeth Leopold, Felicitas Zeeden.

16.7.20   18:00   Time to Meet in the frame of Down to Earth

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Admission free
Location: Uferstudios

Photo: LucyPalustris