Down to Earth

A Festival As Experiment

Alongside the workshops of Sommer Tanz 2020 (and partly merging into them), Tanzfabrik Berlin will present the experimental and innovative festival Down To Earth in the Uferstudios area. It is intended as a space for open exchange, solidarity in action and a questioning of the use of resources as we recycle, disseminate, observe, reuse - extending socio-ecological issues into the field of culture and art.

Across various formats including guided audio and nature walks, one-to-one performance visualising hopes for the future, seismic dance baths, mobile phone free zones, greenhouses and plant growth, food recycling and performative dinners, sit-down protests and screenings, participating artists will fill time and space in and around the Uferstudios. With Akseli Aittomäki, Patricia Coates a.k.a Lucy-Palustris, Hayden Fowler, Human Rights Film Festival, Miriam Jakob, Matthias Krause, Felix M. Ott, Emmilou Rößling, Noël Saavedra, Kirstie Simson, Thabo Thindi, Pink Valley, Thea Reifler, Doris Uhlich & Boris Kopeinig and others. Come along and join us in renewing our connection to the earth and creating encounters for reimagined terrestrial futures. You will find the detailed program soon here.

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Admission free
Location: Uferstudios

Photo: LucyPalustris