11:00 - 12:30

with movement expierence
Photo: Uta Neumann

Axis Syllabus & Improvisation

Kurs with Diana Thielen

Back to the dance itself - about deconstruction, reconstruction and interrelations

Diverse scores of improvisation pave the way to deepen and solidify our understanding of functional anatomy and biomechanics. Moving through theory and somatic embodiment, a creative and creating corporeality will be cultivated. The focus of this class is the exploration and contextualisation of the body’s multidimensional existence. Examining principles of biomechanics can help us to understand the body in different movement situations and, if necessary, to adapt our training methods to it. The question of a supporting alignment in contemporary dance, contact improvisation, improvisation and partnering will accompany us in all sessions. What’s the idea behind a “proper alignment”? For what it’s needed and how does the concept of alignment supports and/or hinders each individual movement expressions?

Diana Thielen

Diana Thielen is a dance artist / performer / blogger and teacher. She teaches Axis Syllabus, as well as practices in dance, performance, body politics and yoga. Diana graduated at SEAD / Salzburg (2004-2008) and is currently a student of Gender Studies / Educational Studies (BA) in Berlin. Diana gave birth to a child during the pandemic and is now doing further training as a doula/birth companion. As a teacher, she sees her strength in a genuine wish to support each individual’s journey. Their experiences, as well as their curiosities, doubts, vulnerabilities and lust to move and study are invited, to create a safe learning atmosphere.