Klein Technique™

Barbara Mahler

In the frame of Virtual Workshop Series

Klein Technique™ is a system that allows movers of all kinds and levels to achieve more fluidity and ease of movement. The depth to which an individual explores the work in class can be as simple as learning to stretch safely, releasing unnecessary tension but also as complex as expanding one's range of motion, increase technical facility, learn from and heal an injury. The work deepens body awareness, and deepens body understanding. It increases creativity and expression. We connect to the earth through our legs, stride into our life with purpose and confidence. Ongoing class offers time—the time to work, to process, to learn, simply to be.
In a 4-part workshop series from 15.5.-26.6.2020, the lecturer and choreographer Barbara Mahler from New York will facilitate a continuous engagement with the Klein Technique™. From 15 May onwards, you can deepen your knowledge in a fixed group every 14 days and exchange ideas with others about your practice.

Dates: 15.5.2020 | 29.5.2020  | 12.6.2020 | 26.6.2020

Barbara Mahler is a major contributor in the outreach of Klein Technique™, teaching almost 40 years. She is a long-standing and active member of the New York City dance community as a choreographer, performer, a movement educator and body worker, and an ongoing faculty member with Movement Research. She travels worldwide in various contexts – as part of ongoing education programs and festivals, and open workshops. Her solo dances have most been seen in Conception, Chile, as part of the BIOBIO Festival, and Judson Memorial Church. Most recent NYC performances include Queens Theater, JCPA and Speyer Hall - University Settlement. She is currently, in addition to her other movement oriented activities, an advisor in a pilot program whose aim is to re-pattern the gait of those with Parkinson's disease..


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Level: open
In English
Total costs for the 4 dates: 100€
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