Navigating from the Gap - postponed

Gabriele Reuter

In the frame of Sommer Tanz 2020 - Meeting in the Virtual!

"Where you are when you don't know where you are is one of the most precious spots offered by improvisation. It is a place from which more directions are possible than anywhere else. I call this place The Gap." Nancy Stark Smith, in Contact Quarterly 1987

There are different ways to be in the gap. Collectively. Individually. Inside and outside of your body. Voluntarily and involuntarily. This workshop offers practical navigation tools to use when you find yourself in the gap. It draws from a wide field of improvisation and conscious body practices that embrace the notion of not knowing as a gift, that helps you to be present in each moment and opens new fields of possibilities. Each day we engage in simple practices to focus body and mind from inside to outside, moving between online, offline, indoors and outdoors. We awaken our curiosity, we observe intensely, we are moved by what we sense and see. We write, draw, talk and listen to each other. We then use this freshly embodied knowledge to illuminate our individual questions and wishes of the moment. To transform them into concrete plans for action, we use structuring frameworks from Design Thinking, Theory U and Scrum/Agile. These process-based methods are in our context perceived simply as another set of improvisation tools and scores. So each day we aim to take one concrete step towards transformative action directly into our everyday life.

For this workshop you need neither experience in dance improvisation nor innovation practices, but a wish to explore translation processes from inside to outside and into immediate action. Either just for yourself, or to give guidance to others within your own teaching.

Gabriele Reuter is a choreographer/performer and urbanist. At the heart of her artistic practice and teaching is an ongoing interest in improvisation on stage and in life. In this context she has collaborated and performed with many artists in the field and initiated a range of performance events. As a facilitator and moderator she supports transformation process of teams and organisations through applied improvisation, using frameworks and approaches from Design Thinking, Agile/Scrum. Gabriele taught Contact Improvisation, Contemporary Dance, Composition in dance institutions and universities internationally since 2003. Her choreographic works and interdisciplinary projects were shown internationally at festivals such as nottdance Nottingham, Springdance festival Utrecht, SpringLoaded at The Place London and idans Istanbul. Gabriele co-lead the workshop programme of Tanzfabrik Berlin between 2009-18.



Level: open
In English
Price: 100€
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Photo: Jan von Holleben