16:15 - 17:15

Modern Dance

Kurs with Eva Günther

In my lessons, the focus is on body formation, posture training and permeability. We work with elements of anatomically correct ballet to music from all over the world. In the beginning we start with slow exercises on the floor and standing, which combine breath and movement and develop body awareness. This is followed by longer exercises, which gradually become more and more condensed into sequences. Short dance sequences emerge, which do not overstrain anyone, but are nevertheless dynamic and give the own dancing experience a feeling for the space. Technique is a suitable means for me to explore and form the body in a concentrated way. My classes are especially suitable for beginners, as the structure carefully moves from the simple to the complex and gives room for individual needs. These classes are therefore also popular among older people and people with limited mobility.

Eva Günther

After studying sports (with state examination) in Tübingen, Eva Günther began her dance training in modern dance in Cologne (Graham technique) and in Berlin (Cunningham, Limon). She danced in various independent companies, among others with Janine Schneider (Berlin). From 1993 - 2007 she directed the dance and movement studio "Mobile" in lively Berlin-Wedding and choreographed the amateur dance theatre "Mobile". Whether child, man, old, headscarf, pregnant, rheumatism sufferer or teenager: for 25 years she has been bringing dance and movement to people in all walks of life. Since 2005 she has also been working as a yoga teacher and actress. Since 2018 she has been working with the choreographer Martin Nachbar and regularly performs in his plays for children and young people.

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