17:30 - 19:00
Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

with movement expierence
Photo: Maria Fuchs

Axis Syllabus - Improvisation

Kurs with Sadhana Fichtner

 These classes provide a creative space and orientation to discover and explore healthy movement parameters in our bodies. The emphasis is on drawing more attention to the finer movements of the body. By sharpening our awareness of the subtleties, we can create more choices. By expanding our knowledge of the unique architecture of our body, we can experience integrity and alignment in movement.
Why is our spine curved, why do we find arches on our feet and hands, curvature paths in the joints?
When we explore, feel and listen to how the body wants to be moved because of its inner landscape of bones, muscles and connective tissue, we may find more ease and joy in our own movement practice. 
 It is by discovering the variety of relationships between different parts of the body and the transmission of kinetic energy throughout the body that trust and understanding can be developed. 

Sadhana Fichtner

The arts of movement and dance in particular are above all means of communication to enter into a lively dialogue with ourselves or the world around us. This dialogue may be very serious, or funny, holy or profane...for me dance and movement is the possibility to be in the moment of a creation process, which has a healing and liberating effect on me. For almost ten years I was not aware that the different styles of movement and techniques I was taught were not necessarily in harmony with the structure of my body. After two three years of full-time training as a professional stage dancer and another three years of intensive training and workshops in dance and movement, I felt that something very basic was still missing in my understanding of movement. This changed when I met pioneers who taught an approach or method called Axis Syllabus. It can be described as a living encyclopedia of human movement locomotion, providing a diverse source of information from various fields of science, all of which are related to the design, structure and function of the human body in motion. Developing a basic understanding of our vehicle or instrument through which life moves and is processed is very crucial for self-empowerment and for developing and promoting harmonious and fruitful relationships within ourselves and with the world around us. Since my first encounter with Axis Syllabus in 2012, I have been committed to the task of immersing myself in the study of these fundamental principles and tools. I love to share and pass on information and knowledge regarding the potential of human movement. I regularly teach courses at BDI, Berlin Dance Institute in Berlin and give workshops in different cities. Since the beginning of 2018 I am a candidate for the Axis Syllabus teacher program.