20:15 - 21:15


Kurs with Antoine Carle aka Tchivett

This class we will be about developing the relationship between the physical and the invisible within the dancer’s body. In the spirit of contemporary butoh, as each person’s body is unique, their way of dancing needs to be unique as well, dancers are encouraged to develop their own method. Therefore the class is thought as a supportive framework in which they can do this, and is open to everybody regardless of their experience. Guidance through movement pathways and qualities will be offered, introducing some elements of imagery and embodiment. We will also nurture awareness through partner work, exercising both exploration and observation, fine sensations and presence. And there will also be each class a longer improvisation to go deeper into the dance work of butoh.

Antoine Carle aka Tchivett

Tchivett has been a performer, dance maker and improviser since 2011 and completed the Choreography Masters degree at HZT in 2018. In his performance and choreographic practice he works with fine qualities of relationship between bodies, spaces and audiences ; creating social situations and sensitive atmospheres and exploring at the border with visual arts and sculpture. As an interpreter, among others, he has danced for re-enactments by Hanna Halprin and Marina Abramovic, the choreographic pieces by Atsushi Takenouchi and Annabel Guérédrat, and in Berlin with Shannon Cooney, Jolika Südermann and Josep Caballero. He regularly teaches butoh, contact improvisation and somatic practice in workshops and classes. He also contributed to various dance research and performance collectives (Danses bizarres, CORPOL, Collective matters, etc.) with a focus on queer culture, feminist politics and self-organization.