20:15 - 21:45
Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

Butoh – Ocean within

Kurs with Antoine Carle aka Tchivett, Daniel Noel Fleischmann

Scanning through internal processes. The moment we follow our inner impulses into outer expressions, a river of digital conversations passes  through our collective system. Our inner ocean tides meet. The Body is the medium Between. This is an evolving performance practice based on my research into Ashtanga and Kundalini Yoga, Ballet, Butoh and Contemporary Dance. Butoh comes from a specific place and moment in time (Post Second War Japan) and has evolved through generations of artists and teachers. An individual can reinterpret and create a framework for Butoh’s evolution. Butoh uses the body as a resource for material and movement. It is this very contrast with Ballet and Yoga, which use specific forms and sequences, that we will use to find our own dances of the future.

Tchivett teaches on 19th may, 02nd june, 30th june
Daniel Noël Fleischmann teaches on 09th june, 16th june, 23th june 

Antoine Carle aka Tchivett

Tchivett has been a performer, dance maker and improviser since 2011 and completed the Choreography Masters degree at HZT in 2018. In his performance and choreographic practice he works with fine qualities of relationship between bodies, spaces and audiences ; creating social situations and sensitive atmospheres and exploring at the border with visual arts and sculpture. As an interpreter, among others, he has danced for re-enactments by Hanna Halprin and Marina Abramovic, the choreographic pieces by Atsushi Takenouchi and Annabel Guérédrat, and in Berlin with Shannon Cooney, Jolika Südermann and Josep Caballero. He regularly teaches butoh, contact improvisation and somatic practice in workshops and classes. He also contributed to various dance research and performance collectives (Danses bizarres, CORPOL, Collective matters, etc.) with a focus on queer culture, feminist politics and self-organization.

Daniel Noel Fleischmann

Daniel Noël Fleischmann, born in Nuremberg in 1993, lives in Berlin and works as a freelance artist. Studied acting at the ADK Ludwigsburg. Promotion prize at the SKS in Graz, as well as a scholarship at the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. Active as a film and theatre actor since 2018. He is represented by the Hobrig Agency. He has published two volumes of poetry and a novel so far, which won 1st place at the literature prize "federleicht". He was nominated for the Retzhofer Drama Prize in 2021 for his play "TRAUMALTAR [achtlose Tage. verschwindene, Kümmernis]". In 2022 he produced his first short film "SINTER" as a director. However, artistic expression began with dance and so he also found his way onto the stage again and again as a performer. Since 2021 he has supported the "butoh/ocean within" experience with Tsuki at Tanzfabrik Berlin.