10:00 - 11:15

with movement experience

Feldenkrais into Dancing

Kurs with Adalisa Menghini

This class starts with a clear focus on the Feldenkrais method, where we concentrate towards a certain topic / element which later, in the class, will be developed further into movement exploration. We will take a deeper look and work on specific relations in the body by using the elements like turning and rolling / folding and unfolding as well as differentiation and connections of movement sequences. By doing so, we will allow new movement possibilities to arise and achieve more functionality in movement. The aim of this class is to increase awareness, to improve our movement skills and to integrate the intuitive aspect into this process.

Adalisa Menghini

 Adalisa Menghini (IT/DE), teacher, choreographer, performer, studied at S.N.D.O. Amsterdam, Embryology with B.B.Cohen and holds a MA in Neurophysiologic Psychology, Feldenkrais teacher. Adalisa is performing improvisation, creating pieces and was collaborating with different artist including Dieter Heitkamp, Nita Little, Keith Hennessy, Kirstie Simson, LaborGras, Sasha Waltz. She choreographed for professional and non professional dancers including children and elderly people and is collaborating with Teatro Instabile Berlin. Twice she was awarded best director and choreographer of “Giocabriga”, a popular theatre genre in Italy. In collaboration with K. Wickenhäuser she created performances with schoolchildren in Museums i.e. Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlinische Galerie, Museum für Kommunikation. They received twice the price “Kinder zum Olimp”. Adalisa is teaching contact improvisation and composition and since 2012 movement and choreography at the Master Program-Theater Pädagogik at the University of Art (UDK) Berlin.