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Viktorija Ilioska, Kliment Poposki von APAP Libero Partner Lokomotiva, Skopje

Living in the context of distorted “rule of law”, every day we are facing constrains that we can’t influence. Laws being imposed are becoming dysfunctional for certain societal context. Besides that, there are implicit restrictions such as in public spaces which are imposed with the privatisation of the space, architectural solutions etc. constraining the body presence and movement. Thus, we are provoked by the: 'not permitted!' wanting to explore the effects of restriction, trying to search for an alternative solution(s) that could transform restrictions into more inclusive practices.

To simplify we have extracted two aspects we would like to further research and be informed by, in order to deduct this into a workable 'performance'.
1. Restriction/constrain of the body/body movement.
2. Restriction/constrain of the voice/speech. Viktoria comes from the dance/movement; Kliment background is acting and voice.
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