Profitraining with Veronika Kulcsar

Flying Low & Passing Through Training

"We won't let ourselves be intimidated by the new challenges and we will continue to train. In this format, my main focus is to understand the principles of  flying low and passing through (intellectually and physically) and to be able to implement and apply them in our own improvisation (and also a few set phrases). No matter how small the room is, we adapt and keep training. The focus of these classes is on being able to perceive the spiral dynamics in your own body, to feel the anatomical, natural movement response of our body (to a movement impulse) and also to be able to incorporate all of this knowledge into our floorwork work. How can we create (negative) space with our body? How can we fully eat the space and invade it with our presence with being physically highly active? Individual feedback is given and maximum presence and physicality are built together even in the smallest of spaces (digitally). I'm looking forward to training together!"

Veronika Kulcsar

As a human I have a passion for and experience in Improvisation, Instant Composition, Movement Research, Flying Low, Passing Through, ReleaseTechnique and as a choreographic assistant. Interested in the different ways touse the body in order to communicate and express something, either an abstract story or research aswell as a narrative clearerstory, I try to let these subjects influence my trainings aswell. Throughout the past seven years (I spent only one year in the Conservatory in Vienna and decided it doesn´t serve myartistic development) I have made my own education by following teachers, working intensely on certain qualities and subjects and already worked in the field.
What interests me as a dancer and artist is how I can fully support an idea and become different things and keep on learning frommany areas. I don´t think we as humans are one dimensional, but rather have multiple talents and interests and I want to approachmy dance and movement in the same way.
As a teacher and as a human I try to never lose the endless curiosity and openness todiscover new approaches and learn from others and share with others.
Trailer of my professional Training in Vienna, TQW: https://vimeo.com/user23754532