19:00 - 20:30

Minded Body/Embodied Mind

Kurs with Alessio Trevisani

Special Home Friendly Version
Exploring the unknown through improvisation requires a special state of our mind, it is there that we reach that special point of being able of letting it go where we do receive and explore engaging and balancing our sensor nerves and motor nerves. A contemplative state of meditation can be transformed into an active state of visualizing goals. Here it is possible to open to new pathways of movement that can widen your skills, improve your dance technique and endurance beIng completely focused on scores and results.This class is design for all those who are willing to move, to sweat, to improvise to compose and to improve their dance technique. You will be picked up where you are and you will go higher!

Alessio Trevisani

 Alessio Trevisani, Germanist, Choreographer, Director, Performer. Recently founded his international company: the Freies Tanz Ensemble. Former member of Tanzfabrik Company, co-initiated in 2000 the Sox36 in Berlin Kreuzberg. 2003 won the German dance prize for best solo. He gained important artistic experience with the composer K. Stockhausen at Leipzig Opera and working in NY in 2005. 2007 was resident choreographer at Palucca Schule / Tanzplan Dresden. 2006-10 created four works for the mixed able Theater Thikwa. 2011-18 created eight successful works directing Leipziger Tanztheater.

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