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Drawing from Camille Chapon based on personal body maps of other Suddenly members

Anatomical Experiment 6 - Revisit - cancelled

Showing by Suddenly , Natsuko Tezuka

Suddenly invited Natsuko Tezuka to collaborate on a research project focusing on one of her previous works Anatomical Experiment-6 / departure from distorted image (2012). This piece is part of a larger series called Anatomical Experiment that she has been developing since 2001. The first version of the work was created in Japan with 6 Japanese
performers. Residing in Tanzfabrik Berlin, 8 artists of the Suddenly international collective and Natsuko Tezuka will revisit Anatomical Experiment-6 / departure from a distorted image. The performance seeks to recreate the state of distress of people surveiling themselves in the current society. During the piece the performers observe and react and overreact to the surveillance feeling until its distortion.


Johanna Ackva (DE), Camille Chapon (FR/DE), Ewa Dziarnowska (PL/DE), Björn Ivan Ekemark (SE/DE), Forough Fami (IR/DE), Anna Fitoussi (IR/DE), Magdalena Meindl (AU/DE), Julia Plawgo (PL/DE), Lyllie Rouvière (FR/DE), Sunanyana Shetty (IN/DE), Grete Šmitaite (LT/DE), Hanna Kritten Tangsoo (EE/DE), Alistair Watts (AU/DE)
 "Suddenly" is thirteen people with diverse backgrounds and approaches to performance who met while studying the BA Dance, Context, Choreography at HZT in Berlin (2014-2017). Each proposition is led by a different member of the group and is elaborated by the whole. The formats of their propositions are diverse and range from performances to workshops to conferences. The diverse, dynamic and evolving nature of "Suddenly" as a collective challenges its members to continually articulate their questions and thinking around dance and its creation.

Natsuko Tezuka

Natsuko Tezuka was born in Yokohama Japan. She started her career as a solo dancer in 1996, changing her style from pantomime to dance, and she has worked with themes of trial and error to explore her own style that does not employ conventional techniques. She produced the Anatomical Experiment series: natsukote.wixsite.com/mysite/english-home
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Cancelled due to COVID-19