Photo: Bodycartography Project

Fluid Spaces Research (fully booked)

Online + Live Workshop with Olive Bieringa, Otto Ramstad

In the frame of Criss-Crossing Encounters 2021

We are looking for dancers who are interested in a process which will begin as a workshop and will evolve into a series of site based investigations. We invite participants to apply in small pods if possible, to expand the process of the research also beyond the workshop. Together we will create a series of local / live feed / digital events that will expand our choreographic research with an international community.
We will research how embodied embryological knowledge can grow a dance that transforms the way we, performers and audience alike, experience our own bodies/selves/environment. We will use touch and movement as a doorway into our embryological history. Embryogenesis is an adventure we all undertook to become who we are. The first eight weeks after conception is when our body forms its basic structure. In this period, we transform from a fertilized egg into two cells that multiply into a cluster of cells, which develop into a series of fluid spaces that become a highly differentiated human being. These fluid spaces and processes underlie our current structure and inform our current state of being. This is action-oriented artistic research of recovering the potential space of the embryo that has yet to be lived, in each of us. 
This artistic research will feed into the project of Olive Bieringa & Otto Ramstad “A Collection of Fluid Spaces”, a radical embryology laboratory which they are building for the medical galleries at the Norsk Teknisk Museum in Oslo in April 2021. Read more at: https://bodycartography.org/portfolio/the-museum-of-fluid-spaces/

Interested individual participants or pods please send one page including a short bio and your interest/motivation to leopold@tanzfabrik-berlin.de till the 8th of January. The spaces are limited to 25.

February - April 2021
Intensive workshop:
feb 5-7 & march 19-21
Public hybrid sharing April 15-25,
Norsk Teknisk Museum in Oslo

In the frame of “Criss-Crossing Encounters” supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance.

Olive Bieringa

Olive Bieringa is a dance, performance and visual artist working at the intersection of social and creative practice, pedagogy, and healing. She is a teacher, and practitioner of Body-Mind Centering® and a program director of Somatic Education Australasia. She has curated art and science projects for Public Art St. Paul, and Earthdance in Massachusetts. She is part of team that runs PRAXIS Oslo, a laboratory for the study of dance and movement-based forms in Oslo, Norway. She collaborates with Otto Ramstad as the BodyCartography Project. 

Together they create dances, performances, films, installations, festivals and other projects which engage with the vital materiality of our bodies and minds to create art that facilitates a re-enchantment of embodiment, relationship, and presence. Their work has been presented by Oslo Kommune, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis, Performance Space 122, NYC, Lyon Opera Ballet amongst other contexts and lives in the collection of the Te Papa Tongarewa National Museum of New Zealand. bodycartography.org

Otto Ramstad

Otto Ramstad is a dance artist who works with movement research to create performances, video work and installations for theaters, galleries, museums and different site and context specific encounters. He began studying Body-Mind Centering® in 1981 at six years old with his first dance teacher Suzanne River and is now a Certified Teacher of Body-Mind Centering® , teaching internationally and working as the Educational Director of Somatic Education Australasia.  He has a MA in Choreography from KHiO, Oslo. He has worked intensively over the last twenty years with primary teachers: with Lisa Nelson, assistant teaching for Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, founder of Body-Mind Centering®, and since 2010 with Steve Paxton’s Material for the Spine which he teaches for Paxton internationally including at Steve Paxton: Swimming in Gravity, Brussels. He has been dancing in the work of DD Dorvillier, Miguel Gutierrez, Sara Shelton Mann, Karen Nelson, Mia Habib and Kitt Johnson. His most recent work Lineage was at Riksscenen as part of the Oslo Internasjonale Teaterfestival 2020. 
Level: Advanced
In English
Participation free of charge
Application to: leopold@tanzfabrik-berlin.de