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Body Action

Virtual Workshop Series with Francisco Córdova
In the frame of Virtual Workshop Series

Francisco Córdova bases his training on the creation of physical actions. This leads participants to move from a common language instead of forming dance codes. The aim is to find an approach that decodes and try to dissolve established and predetermined languages of dance. In this workshop series, Francisco will guide you to combine control and physical intuition, with the intention of creating particular states through conscious control: physical, mental, and even emotional. Working together will bring your body to its maximum capabilities with a physically controlled risk while guiding you to find your truth in the body, move in your own way, get in touch with yourself, and embrace the information your intuition gives you. Experiential learning, a laboratory for experimenting with movement.

Francisco Córdova

Francisco Córdova is positioned within the national and international scene as a performer, choreographer and educator, participating in several summits and festivals in more than 30 countries around the world. He is considered a very renowned teacher and performer in the contemporary dance scene and has obtained two Master Degrees: Master in Theater Studies and Stage Direction and a Master in Stage Lighting from the Institut del Teatre (IT) in Barcelona, Spain. As well as he majored in Contemporary Dance at the National School of Dance in Mexico. He also studied in Montreal, Canada, and New York, U.S. and is the Director of his own company Physical Momentum, ATLAS Mexico Festival, and the training program Técnicas de Movimiento (TDM). www.physicalmomentumproject.com
Level: Movement experience
In English
4x Fridays
Total costs: 100€ (85€*)
 * Early Bird Price until 26.03.2021
Time zone: CET