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Möckernstr. 68
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Photo: Shelley Etkin at Morteratsch Glacier (CH)

Rainbow Dance

Live Workshop with Anna Nowicka
In the frame of Sommer Tanz 2021

'Rainbow Dance' is an embodied exploration of colors, applying dream work (dream opening® methodology) and imagery tools to unfolding colors' healing properties. It is a somatic journey through all the shades of the rainbow, closely exploring how colors in-form the body, shift its presence and ignite choreographic compositions. Which movements, qualities, textures, emotions, associations and understandings arise when being immersed in different hues? Dressed in matching outfits, we will make our way through each of the hues, precisely observing how they – and images in general - in-form our body. We will learn to see and value the world of imagination, to hold the space for the images to arise and for an embodied response to unfold. The work will address the power of an image to shift and create realities, to move beyond the known linear design of rational thinking.

Please note: The workshop will be held live in the studio under the measures in place at that time. If this is not possible there will be an online version in any case. Therefore, the number of participants is limited. More information about the measures will be continuously updated on the website and communicated by mail shortly before the workshop starts.

Anna Nowicka

Anna Nowicka is a dance maker and a Saphire® practitioner, weaving her artistic research out of imagery work, dreaming principles, and attentive embodiment. She is expanding this kaleidoscopic approach during her PhD studies at the Polish Film School in Łódź. Anna’s work has been recognized with the DAAD Prize, Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes, and Tanzstipendium from the city of Berlin. This is only possible through the continuous production support from the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań. Anna taught a.o. for Meg Stuart, at Tanzfabrik, SMASH Berlin, HZT Berlin and at the Alternative Academy of Dance in the Art Stations Foundation in Poznań.  www.annanowicka.com
Level: Open
In English
Price: 200/170€*
*Early bird until 01.07.2021
Time zone: CET