19:30 - 20:30
Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin


Kurs with Guy Shomroni

Gaga is the movement language developed by Ohad Naharin, the Artistic Director of Batsheva Dance Company. It is a new way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body and provides a framework for discovering and strengthening your body, adding flexibility, stamina, and agility while lightening to the senses and imagination. Teachers guide the participants using a series of evocative instructions that build on top of the other. Rather than copying a particular movement, each participant in the class actively explores these instructions, discovering how he or she can interpret the information and perform the task at hand. The work allows for an experience of freedom and pleasure of movement in a simple way, in a pleasant space, in comfortable clothes, accompanied by music, each person with himself and others.

Guy Shomroni

Guy began dancing with the Batsheva Ensemble in 2001 and joined the Batsheva Dance Company in 2004, where he worked with choreographers such as Ohad Naharin, Sharon Eyal, and Yasmeen Godder. He also created ten original short pieces for Batsheva’s annual Dancers Create evening.  In 2013 he served as Ohad Naharin’s assistant for the creation process of The Hole and in 2015 for the creation of Last Work. Since leaving Batsheva in 2012, Guy continues serving as Naharin’s assistant, setting his works on other dance companies. Guy teaches Gaga classes and leads international workshops, while continuing to create his own works as a choreographer, mostly in collaboration with his long-time colleague Yaniv Avraham, also a former Batsheva dancer. The creative duo has collaborated on works such as Kuntz (2014), Vellum(2014), Kumzits (2017), Second Home (2017), Ambush (2018) and It Will End in Tears (2019).