17:30 - 18:30
Kreuzberg 4
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin


Kurs with Kasia Kizior, Tanja Saban

Gaga ist eine Bewegungssprache, die Ohad Naharin, künstlerischer Leiter der Batsheva Dance Company in Israel, entwickelte. Gaga nutzt die heilende, verändernde Kraft der Bewegung und führt die Gruppe durch das konstante Hinhören auf physische Empfindungen (sensations) durch verschiedene Aufgaben. Gaga fördert Flexibilität und Ausdauer, regt Wahrnehmung und Vorstellungskraft an und bereichert die Bewegungsqualität auf einfache Art und Weise.

Kasia Kizior

Kasia Kizior was born in Poland. In her early years, she studied ballet and folk dance at the National Ballet School/Lodz. Her interest in social aspects of dance and performance led her to the University of Humanities Science/Lodz where she obtained a B.A. degree in Political Science. Since 2007, she has been working with Zawirowania Dance Theatre, the Polish National Opera in Warsaw and the Opera House in Frankfurt am Main. In 2015 Kasia obtained a master’s degree in Contemporary Dance Education from the Frankfurt University of Music and Performing Arts (HfMDK). Currently she works as a dance educator, choreographer and freelance dancer. Recent work includes choreography for TV productions and films. Kasia became a certified Gaga Teacher in 2019 in Tel Aviv, under the artistic direction of Bosmat Nossan, Saar Harari, and Ohad Naharin.

Tanja Saban

Born and raised in Switzerland, Tanja Saban graduated from SEAD training program in 2007. She is a recipient of the conveyor scholarship from the Tanzquartier in Vienna, where she started her career as a freelance dancer and teacher. She collaborates with choreographers and artists of other disciplines on projects as well as creating her own work in Austria, Spain,Switzerland, Israel and New York City. After taking her first Gaga classes in 2011 in New York, she moved to Tel Aviv one year later where Gaga became part of her daily practice. In 2018 she got certified to teach Gaga after completing the teachers course under the artistic direction of Bosmat Nossan. She has since taught Gaga in studios and for dance companies as well as co-taught workshops  in Europe. In 2008, besides dancing, she began to immerse herself more deeply into the practice and study of yoga with her teacher Sri Louise, under whose guidance she completed 400 hours of  training in Vienna and Rishikesh, India. She was invited to assist Sri Louise in workshops and a 50 hour yoga teacher training for dancers at Impulstanz Festival in 2011, 2013 and 2018.