09:30 - 11:00
Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin

with movement expierence

Movement Research

Kurs with Sigal Zouk, Jan Burkhardt, Hilla Steinert

Wir werden nach einem mobilen und wandlungsfähigen Körper suchen, der sich auf viele Arten entfalten kann. Dabei bleiben wir aufmerksam für das, was wir wahrnehmen, und für das performative Potential des Körpers in jedem Moment.  

Sigal Zouk

As a dancer, she has worked with the ensemble of Batsheva Dance Company (1994-1996), with Sasha Waltz (1999-2004), Meg Stuart (2005-2007 and today) and Laurent Chétouane (2007-2015), among others. In 2010, she won the first prize for best acting performance at the FAVORITEN theater festival in Dortmund. In addition to her career as a dancer, she has been assisting numerous choreographers in the artistic creation process since 2007, including Meg Stuart, Angela Schubot, Jared Gradinger. Sigal also teaches at various European dance departments and institutions, and engages in international collaborations with visual artists and musicians.

Jan Burkhardt

Jan Burkhardt is a freelance dancer/choreographer, Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analyst, musician and physiotherapist. The focus of his artistic and pedagogic work is the resonance between somatic exploration and its communication into space. Jan cooperates internationally with a variety of institutions and artists. He is currently guest lecturer at the dance universities of Berlin, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Cologne. His most recent artistic research involved a.o. projects with Laurent Chetouane, Sebastian Matthias, Martin Nachbar and Cecilia Roos.

Hilla Steinert

Hilla Steinert moves at the interface between dance and performance. She started dancing in 1978. In 1981, she meets Deborah Hay`s work in Austin, USA, which has a lasting impact on her own process. After training as a movement and dance teacher she turns to performance in 1986 and begins to develop her method of Free Dance, in which all her own experience of dancing, teaching and choreographing is incorporated. From 1999 - 2004 she completed a training as a dance therapist at the Frankfurt Institute for Dance Therapy. She is particularly interested in the basis of dance-based creativity, to develop clarity through expression through simplicity and authenticity, which is the prerequisite for any exciting performance.