16:00 - 17:30
Kreuzberg 1
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Gianniero Cavalcante


Kurs with Victor Gonzales, Tamae Yoneda

This is a highly dynamic contemporary dance class using a mixture of physical styles. The class will begin with a warm up and continue with learning various material including; floor movement, set phrases and improvisation.In the last part of the class we will learn playful choreography, and use it to play with your own sense of musicality and character.

Victor Gonzales

Victor, born in the south of Chile, studied circus and contemporary dance in the capital Santiago. There he started his career as a freelance dancer and got the opportunity to perform and work with important choreographers of the country. In 2016, Victor moved to Europe and has since been living in Germany and Italy. He continued his studies in contemporary dance and found, and still finds, new opportunities to develop. Far from his home country, he discovered the importance of his cultural heritage and started to explore immigration, queer, feminism and colonialism in choreography, improvisation and the quality of movement. Since then he has been working as a freelance dancer in various productions. In addition, he teaches Pilates and contemporary dance with elements from circus, Pilates and Afro-Latin American dances, which have an influence on his classes and creations.

Tamae Yoneda

Tamae Yoneda is a contemporary dancer based in Berlin from Osaka, Japan. She is the founder of the dance company “Amaiame”. After reaching the finals at Japan's largest dance competition, Japan Dance Delight in a year, she was invited to various dance events both as a guest dancer and as a judge , including Open Your Mind Japan year edition. She was interested in the European dance scene and moved to London in 2017. She is also a team member of the London based 201 Dance Company. She then moved to Berlin in 2019.  Although her background is mostly Contemporary, she is very interested in and constantly exposes herself to other disciplines of dance. Tamae’s main focus is to understand how body movement can be used as a tool to express deep human emotions which resonate with everyone, regardless of their origin or background.