Before the Golden Game

Piece in Progress

Tian Rotteveel, Claire Vivianne Sobottke

In the frame of Open Spaces #2-2014

“before the golden game“ is a catapult into the untamed spaces of childhood and the body of desire. It explores the body as tumultuous process, driven by raw desires and sensations, constantly pulled into various directions, a body not stable, but a becoming. It‘s mind starts from “wilderness“, where the laws of categorizing things in “good” or „bad“ are not of any importance. A trespassing on unmapped land, its time for the children to occupy the theatre.

Concept: Claire Vivianne Sobottke | Performance, choreography: Claire Vivianne Sobottke, Tian Rotteveel | Music: Tian Rotteveel | A collaboration with Claire Vivianne Sobottke and Tian Rotteveel, supported by Senatskanzlei für kulturelle Angelegenheiten der Stadt Berlin. With kind support of Tanzfabrik Berlin and Tanztage Berlin.
  • Wedding 4
Uferstr. 23, 13357 Berlin
Admission free
Foto: Katarzyna Szugajew