18:15 - 19:45
Uferstudios 3
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin


Kurs with Luca Pellegrini

My dance class orbits around the urge of embodying a present body in a safe place. Through improvisation and composition skills, the training encourages a movement research based on this question: what do I need to feel safe? Through three different parts, the practice starts from the idea of a biographical and diverse body, rather than just skilled and technical. Therefore, the class is open to everybody who is willing to move in a present space, where people use their bodies to practice performativity through presence, responsibility, awareness and safety. The first part of the class consists of a body mapping and a self-movement conversation. Here, the dancers define their own space by connecting with their body and understanding what their bodies need in order to feel safe. In the second part, the self-conversation develops into a dialogue with another partner. Here, the dancers will move through different improvisational scores about the definition of boundaries and common ground. In the third part, this dialogue finally spreads to all the participants, who will experiment a common dance through the different compositions and needs of the space. In the class, there might be physical contact, laughs, tears, screams, discussions, confusion and the unknown. Before you come, make sure that you reset your expectations and feel comfortable with that, so that each person is at once responsive to others and independent of them. Sharing responsibilities means also crediting the ones you shared them with. That is why, I want to thank those who helped me through this process, especially Elvan Tekin for all her tools, help, cigarettes, coffees, friendship and Victor Gonzalez for all the life, love and support.

Luca Pellegrini

Luca Pellegrini is an Italian genderqueer artist, who experiences movement as a political practice of embodiment. At the age of 15, they started working as a performer in Italy for different dance companies and theatres. They worked for Danceorama in Florence and Undercover Dance Company in Perugia. During this time, they experienced the stage through experimental productions based on theatre, dance and visual art. In 2017, Luca moved to Germany to study at the Contemporary Dance School Hamburg, worked for the German Television and for Kampnagel in the production ‘Emergenz’ for the JoseVidal&Cia Chilean dance company. Luca had the possibility to travel to Chile during the political revolution and had been working for the international art festival ‘Santiago a Mil’. After that they came back to Italy for studying at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, where they started practicing anatomical and somatic movement practices, such as Body Mind Centering and Pilates. In 2021, Luca moved to Berlin. Through all these different experiences, Luca became aware of their identity as a white artist in Europe and they started to dedicate themselves to a non-capitalist vision of art and movement. From all the questioning, Luca understood that through their academicals background and work with choreographer, they were perceived as an ambitious cis-male, contemporary dancer. Now, their artistic practice orbits around gender deconstruction within the contemporary dance field and their goal is to understand how their new non-binary body responds to movement, space and choreography.

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