18:10 - 19:40
Uferstudios 3
Badstr. 41A, Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin

Afro Fusion

Kurs with Felix Ofosu Dompreh

The class focuses on the natural and instinctive movement repertoire of the individual body. We explore the abilities of the body and the mind to move in a non-regimented space and try to free ourselves from physical and psychological automatisms and evaluations. Dance elements from AfroContemporary have a great influence on the technique. The body is organized, structured and connected to its environment and in space by its weight. Starting from the base, the feet on the floor, to the top, the head in the clouds, we loosen the spine and neck to find permeability and awareness throughout the body. After the exercises become more physical and dynamic, following an energetic structure thus strengthening the deep muscles. This class is a mixture of western contemporary dance, dance acrobatics, floor work, pop and dance elements from Nigerian contemporary dance.

Afro-Fusion teachers in May
10.05. Isioma Williams       
17.05. Meier Eden
24.05. Felix Dompreh

Felix Ofosu Dompreh

Felix Dompreh, born in Accra-Ghana, works since 2016 as a choreographer, dancer and educator in Berlin. He belongs to a line of talented dancers and musicians. He is trained in traditional and contemporary African dance, including Afro-Fusion, Hip-Hip and Neo African dance. He was a DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) scholarship recipient and pursued an M.A. in Solo dance and Authorship at the Inter-University Center for Dance at the Berlin(HZT) University of the Arts(UDK). Felix  has received numerous grants for dance residency programs such as Danceweb / Impulstanz Vienna and CIP / SIDANCE in Seoul, Sud Korea. He has danced with the Noyam Dance Company and the National Dance Company of Ghana. He is also the founder and director of Kuyum Arts Investigations Limited in Ghana. He received a certificate and diploma in traditional and contemporary African dance at the Noyam African Dance Institute Ghana under the direction of Pro.F-Nii Yartey. In 2011 he extended his dance studies at the Ecole Des Sable - Senegal under the direction of Prof. Germaine Acogny. Felix works among others as a teacher for various Afro Classes in Berlin, as a choreographer (Zagreb) dancer for Theater o.N and Tanztangente Festival (Berlin). He currently is the artistic director of “Kuyum Tanzplattform 2021 Berlin”: www.kuyumarts.de/