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Movement Research

Profitraining with Jan Burkhardt, Shannon Cooney

We aim to develop a mobile and flexible body that has the possibility to unfold in many ways. At the same time we will remain attentive to our perception and to the body´s performative potential in each moment.

21.03. + 22.03.  Shannon Cooney
23.03. Jan Burkhardt
24.03.  Shannon Cooney &  Jan Burkhardt
25.03.  Shannon Cooney

Jan Burkhardt

Jan Burkhardt is a freelance dancer/choreographer, Laban-Bartenieff Movement Analyst, musician and physiotherapist. The focus of his artistic and pedagogic work is the resonance between somatic exploration and its communication into space. Jan cooperates internationally with a variety of institutions and artists. He is regular guest lecturer at the dance universities of  Stockholm, Copenhagen and Professor für contemporary dang ein artistic context at HfMT Cologne.

Shannon Cooney

Shannon Cooney (BFA) is a Canadian choreographer, dance performer and dance educator based in Berlin, Germany since 2006. Since 1993 her choreography has been presented in Canada, Europe the in the U.K. She danced with Toronto-based Dancemakers (1994-2006), artistic director Serge Bennathan, which toured extensively nationally and internationally. She has also worked with several choreographers over her 3 decades in dance.
She’s a creative facilitator for choreographers and for students of the (HZT) in Berlin. Since 2007 she created a teaching practice melding her work as a dance artist with her work as craniosacral practitioner. Her recent choreographic projects include: Fielding: solo with Cases (2018), Fielding (2017), every one everyone (2013), Assemblages (2011) and Spiral Pendulum: dance (2009). www.shannoncooney.org