20:15 - 21:45
Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin
Photo: Maria von Staa

Improvisation Through Listening

Kurs with Maddi Fuente Ubani

This class is an invitation to find one's own movement through free exploration, applying creative patterns such as movement qualities based on contemporary dance technique, images, sounds, texts, writing or voice.  
The exploration starts with ourselves by focusing on our body, in the now, and working as it feels right now, on this day. Starting with guided exercises that are physical and/ or poetic, we explore different ways to relate to the group, to raise awareness of the space and to compose in real time so that the body is ready to reflect, influence and be influenced.
In each class we play with a different structure but always building on an idea/base (a focus) so that the movement proposal develops, goes deeper and allows us to go to unknown places.  
We exchange and observe the proposals in the different groups and create space to learn from and inspire each other. No previous experience is required, just an openness to explore and play. This is a safe space for all.

Maddi Fuente Ubani

Maddi Fuente Ubani (she/her), based in Berlin, is a freelance contemporary performer, artist and teacher from the Basque Country. She graduated as a contemporary professional dancer and audiovisual production technician for performances in Spain. As a performer she works with Ana Kabalis, Laia Villar (Soleith Art) and as a production assistant for Alexander Carrillo. She has also participated in a variety of projects, including the 4th season of "Babylon Berlin", with the collective "Tanz den Widerstand", creator Areli Morán and the "Oxymoron Dance Company". She participated in the residency "Rising womxn voices" by Ayam (The Sonic lab) and mentored "Amas Kollektiv".  In 2021, Maddi starred in the new video clip "Future" by Kor Boira and the short film "Re encuentro", a collaboration with Ojos de Sol. Her own piece "hURA" premiered in Amsterdam-Noord and was selected by the festivals "Abril en danza" and "Rivera en danza" in Spain. As a dancer Maddi focuses mainly on improvisation, instant composition and voice. She is engaged in her personal movement research from a woman's perspective. She also studies singing and offers improvisation classes in Berlin. She is also interested in inclusive dance and has developed guided movement sessions for people with Down syndrome.