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Foto: Patrick Beelaert

7 / Fundamentals of Contact Improvisation - fully booked

Workshop with Jörg Hassmann
In the frame of Winter Tanz 2014/15

What is essential about this unique dance form, that seems to allow people to be free to do whatever is right for them in the moment? What are the invisible rules and codes of conduct in Jams? How does it work, the giving and taking of weight? What improves the flow of movement, what hinders it? Fundamental questions for beginners and an opportunity for the advanced contacter to question some long standing alleged truths. We are working with material that is easily accessible and at the same time allows insights into the complexity of these simple questions.  

Complete beginners of Contact Improvisation are very welcome.

Jörg Hassmann

Jörg Hassmann, Berlin, over 20 years of research work in dance, improvisation and performance, have brought CI into the centre of his profession and movement practice. Anatomically based studies, contemporary dance, Body Mind Centering (BMC), Capoeira, a deep sense of play and the joy of discovery became his main influences. For the past eight years he has been offering CI training programmes together with Daniel Werner at Tanzfabrik Berlin, where they developed their systematic approach to CI-specific technique. Since 2009 he is artistic director of the Contact Festival ‚contact meets contemporary’ in Göttingen. Jörg teaches at festivals and dance organisations across Germany and Europe.  www.contact-meets-contemporary.de   www.dancecontact.de

Level: open