09:30 - 11:00
Sommer Special Kreuzberg 3
Möckernstr. 68
10965 Berlin


Kurs with Eva Robayo

Conditioning & Strength This class is Pilates based conditioning & strength class, including intermediate exercises. The essential Pilates principles are Breath, Centering, Concentration, Control, Flow, and Precision. Joseph H. Pilates originally called his work "Contrology". it designed to harmonize the Body-Mind-Spirit interactions. The class begins with warm-up exercises to release and align the body. Deep breathing increases oxygen supply to your body, and the use of the full breathing pattern opens the way for easy access to your powerhouse: pelvic floor muscles, abdominal muscles, and muscles around low back and hips. The wide variety of the exercises help to improve body awareness, core strength, balance, control, and flexibility.

Caution: This is not therapeutic propose, not recommended to the following people: Injury, post-injury, prenatal and postnatal, or having any serious conditions, pain or problems. I disclaim any liability or less resultant of accident, injury or health impairment befalling any participants with regard to exercises demonstrated in this class. A physician should be consulted before attempting this class to reduce the risk of injury. To develop your physical sensation as dancer, do not force or strain yourself. During the class, if you feel any pain or discomfort, stop immediately and see your physician, please!

Eva Robayo

Eva Robayo is a Colombian dancer and choreographer based in Berlin. She grew up surrounded by the mountains Bogota where she developed her love for dance and literature. She attended Misi School for Musical Theatre for seven years before moving to New York City to continue her dance training at The Broadway Dance Center in 2015. In 2016 Eva started her studies at Concordia University in Montreal, where she obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Contemporary Dance in 2019. During her years in Canada, Eva presented her choreographic works in different platforms such as the Art Matters Festival and Fofa Gallery Project. Eva has taken part in many multidisciplinary projects collaborating with visual, sound and film artists. In 2020 she got certified as a Mat Pilates Instructor in order to explore active restorative practices. Shortly after, she moved to Berlin where she has performed works choreographed by Maddie Hanson and Monika Dorniak and Jannika Pernika.

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